About Us

GlobalMindED is an educational and research non-profit organization committed to creating a capable, diverse talent.  By incorporating research and implementing action based on our results, we aim to improve access and equity in K-12 and Higher Education through improved graduation rates and sustainable careers.
GlobalMindED focuses especially on first-generation students and low-income learners to address and reduce the significant obstacles they face.  We provide professional development workshops and career opportunities to benefit first-generation students, those who work with them and those who hire them.

GlobalMindEd has successfully brought together thought leaders from Education, Government, Not-for Profit organisations, Social Enterprises and Business.  We are thrilled to bring the inaugural GlobalMindEd conference to the Asia Pacific region in 2018.

We are continuing the legacy of Carol Carter with a focus on the unique issues of education for the Asia Pacific region.


Our Mission

GlobalMindED convenes uncommon collaborators in education, business, STEM, government, and the nonprofit sector to address one of our region’s most pressing issues: increasing access and opportunity for students. Our primary goal is to bring students together with educators and professionals who are dedicated to helping them succeed in academia and the workplace. We also support all faculty, administrators and staff  along the education and career pipeline to provide the most opportunities possible through strong networks, resources and relationships that lead to student success.


GlobalMindED Will:

  • Increase access and opportunity for college and university student through relationship building, internship opportunities, and general success
  • Pay special attention to increasing opportunities and access to STEM-related majors and careers for students and women.
  • Bring together the world’s authorities on education, economics, health, and business
  • Hear the voices of policy experts who will define innovative ways to improve education for our lowest performing and least resourced students
  • Feature outstanding first-generation speakers and panelists who are changing the world through cutting edge technologies and ideas.
  • Emphasize that our nation’s future economic abundance is linked to educating today’s students for tomorrow’s complex jobs.
  • Broaden the perspective of every professional and student participant from the local to the global – in education and careers - as we emphasize the world’s interconnectivity.