GlobalMindED First-Generation Scholars

The 2017 GlobalMindED conference will host many talented first generation post-secondary education students. We are dedicated to their success as today’s students and tomorrow’s workers by encouraging post-secondary education completion, STEM majors, and career readiness.  By creating a conference peer group of first-generation strivers, students will know that they are not alone.

When first-generation students and educators attend our conference together, both benefit by:
* Creating lasting mentor and mentee relationships
* Establishing a sense of community within academia
* Partnering and establishing Global MindED communities on campus
* Promoting an interest and curiosity for learning
* Collaborating on best practices
* Building a diverse talent pipeline


First-Generation post-secondary education Student Testimonials

“By attending GlobalMindED, I was able to improve my networking skills and practice them with professionals at the conference. [It] encouraged me to go out of my comfort zone and be exposed to diverse careers. I learned what job skills are essential for the 21st century.”

                            - Sally Shim, Mount Holyoke post-secondary education


“Attending the GlobalMindED Conference opened a lot of doors for me. I met a lot of diverse people and received a lot of positive feedback in continuing my education and achieving my goals.”

                            - Cornelia Nelson, Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute

“I would love to do Design Thinking in my classroom this fall; I think it’s a great educational tool that is completely underutilized.”

                         -Richard Maez, University of Denver



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